Band Camp $150.00

                                      Attention Clarksville 2017/18 Band Members!

                                   FALL 2017 BAND CAMP INFORMATION

Please read the following information carefully.  This year’s camp will be held at Clarksville High.  The total cost will be $300.00 per student. A “commitment deposit” totaling $150.00 is due by May 20, 2017. This is non refundable, as all camp instruction, music, drill, equipment, design accessories, props, and expenses related to the marching program design will be contracted based on these payments. This includes your spot in the drill. The final $150.00 must be paid by July 17, 2017.  Payments may be paid in full or in monthly installments as follows: 

1. At CHS - to the black booster “mailbox” on the front wall of the band room (through May 20th) 

2. Regular mail to:          CHS Band Boosters

            PO Box 3722

            Clarksville, TN  37043

3. Go to the CHS Band website at and use the “Donate” button to pay via PayPal or other credit/debit card. 

      Please do not mail to the school after school is out in May.  Mail is held from the end of school through August 1st.


Band is for everyone!  Every effort will be made to accommodate financial concerns! Please DO NOT wait until July to address financial concerns. Students with current fee waivers on file at school need to notify Mrs. Johnston and provide verification of the approved waiver. 

Camp Schedule:    
Band Camp dates       May 18        Guard/Percussion only         2:30-6 pm

            May 19        Full Band                2:30-9 pm

            May 20        Full Band                 9 am – 5 pm

            July 17-21        Camp @ CHS     1-9 pm      Dinner 5-5:45 pm

            July 22            OFF            

            July 23            Camp @ CHS     1-5 pm Sunday

            July 24 – 27        Camp @ CHS     8 am – 9 pm M-Th

                        Meal breaks         12-1 pm & 5-6 pm

            July 28            Camp @ CHS 8 am – 3 pm

            July 28            DCI Masters of the Summer Music Games – All 

                        students will be attending! Return @ 11:30 pm.   

                        Students will need money for dinner at Vandy.

            July 29            Camp @ CHS 8 am – 5 pm 

            July 29            Friends/Family Preview Show @ 5 pm      


Parents may bring additional food or students may “brown bag”, as a supplement to tailgate meals, however, due to safety concerns, students must remain on campus during the food breaks.

Your “spot” in the fall marching show is contracted based upon camp attendance. Once the marching show is written, it costs hours of work and additional funds in order to “close a hole” should a student drop from the program. This affects EVERY student in the band – there are no “benchwarmers” in the program. Everyone has an assigned spot written specifically for him or her to march. We need students and parents to be committed and follow through in order for our group to be successful.

Please tentatively plan to observe a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday full band rehearsal schedule after school starts. Fridays may be used for rehearsal, depending on the schedule for away football games.  Depending upon availability of the stadium, one rehearsal each week will be held at night.  A detailed calendar will be sent home with students after band camp.  Please contact Mrs. Johnston ASAP should you have any questions or problems. The best time to call is from 10:30 am - 11:15 pm Monday through Friday - 648-5690, Ext:  2822.  Voice mail is available 24/7. I will return your call as soon as possible.

YES! We are planning to perform at the Alamo Bowl Game and travel to San Antonio, TX for our bi-annual band trip between Christmas and New Year’s! It is possible to pay for your trip with fundraising/Nissan Stadium events if you start EARLY

The next event we will be staffing will be the CMA’s in June.  All of these events are credited toward your student’s fundraising goals for the 17/18 school year. Information regarding each student’s fundraising goals will be available at band camp.  This program can help students earn credit that can be applied toward band expenses.  This is a great way to help the group and fund your band expenses at the same time. Please contact Mrs. Johnston at if you or another adult (18+) are willing to train and volunteer. We can also work students 16 years and older.

Need another method to raise funds for camp??? 

Coke products can do this for you – please see the attached form if you would like to use this as a way to raise money for camp. We sell the products by the case – 20 ounce bottles/24 per case for $25. This provides $9 per case toward your students’ expenses. The next order deadline is May 25th. 


                    Mrs. Robbin Johnston                    

                    Director of Bands, CHS                    

648-5690 Ext: 2822

    Band Camp $50

Clarksville Marching Wildcats


For our new CHS Wildcat families: we provide many meals to our students both during Band Camp and Marching Season. We call this 

Tailgating! This is the best way we find, to make sure your student gets the meals they need to perform and feel well,

in addition to keeping everyone safe and accounted for when we eat as a large group.

The small fee for each student is included in your Band Camp fee, and will then be collected again before Marching Season in the fall.